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Martina Kosmina


Hello! Let me tell you a bit about myself. My name is Martina, I was born in Trieste and have spent my life between the city and its surrounding Karst area. I love being outdoors, going on long walks and trekking. Being immersed in nature never fails to relax me and my best ideas always come while out walking.

I am unable to stay in one place. I have a thirst to understand, discover and observe. This makes me an avid student. In fact, I have graduated three times and hold a Master’s degree. A staunch supporter of sustainable development, my studies in the tourism sector have increasingly specialised in responsible tourism. I believe tourism needs to be sustainable for the environment, the host community and the traveller, which is how I have always endeavoured to travel. Having travelled through rainforests, across African savannahs and over exotic oceans, I am increasingly convinced of what my region has to offer. The idea of setting up as a tour guide has stemmed from this and enables me to share our treasures with travellers from around the world.

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