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Our Story

Dreaming is easy in these lands where the Bora wind
meets the Adriatic Sea.


Believing in our dreams was the first step in making them come true. Despite travelling the world, we have always been drawn back to these landscapes.


MaroWays was born out of an understanding that we have the power to bring our dreams to life and put the soul back into travel.

To do this, we need to go beyond, to step off the beaten track to interact with places and make memories.

But most importantly, we must become nomadic, spending our time outdoors in the elements.

Our story, picture of Roberto Lombardo and Martina Kosmina

We are Martina and Roberto and these borderlands are our home.

Born and raised in this culturally diverse setting, our roots are closely interwoven with the history and environment of this little corner of the world. Our experiential tours arise from our direct knowledge of our native land. We cannot wait to share our homeland with you and reveal its riches and hidden gems.

Our ethos is to be as ethical and sustainable as possible, a world away from the frenetic pace and free-for-all nature of mass tourism. We believe that being a traveller in our current times means slowing down, catching our breath and taking time to listen to what the world around has to tell us.

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