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Our Style of Travel

“The world is a book,
and those who do not travel read only one page”.
Saint Augustine


If our paths should cross on this page, it makes us both avid readers of this fantastic, never-ending adventure story. Throughout our travels, we have accumulated knowledge, experienced emotions and lived through new experiences. The concepts that have arisen from our journeys have concreted over time, forming a travel philosophy that serves to guide us.


At MaroWays, we are firm believers that:


To be a true host requires passion and care, as well as remembering that we are all travellers. Our family business believes that strength lies in small numbers and is wholeheartedly opposed to mass tourism where travellers are considered clients rather than guests.


To travel, we must interact. With this in mind, we have taken care to include authentic local establishments in our trips, sharing fascinating tales of local artisans and farmers with you. Likewise, where possible, we use local accommodation providers to help boost the local economy.


Slow is beautiful. In our fast-paced, modern world, so many small details pass us by. Slow, low-tech trips allow us to build authentic relationships with people, the landscape and nature, as well as with ourselves.


There is no better way to fully inhabit a place than with a local. This is why we will only take you to places that we know intimately, whether these are the areas in which we were born and raised or the places we have become well acquainted with through our travels.


Going at our own pace reflects our natural rhythm. Walking enables us to fully soak up the area we are visiting, while arriving somewhere under your own steam can be extremely rewarding. You are the master of your own experience, stopping whenever you want to rest, take in your surroundings or chat. When we walk, distances fade, barriers are broken down and relationships are built.


Leave only footprints. Caring for the environment is fundamental to our tourist practices. This is why we choose to travel on foot and use existing local transport links. In cases where this is not possible, we endeavour to seek out the best possible solutions to minimise our impact on the environment.

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